Boeing Develops Smartphone Anti- Tapping

Smartphone Anti- Tapping

BARCELONA - The Boeing Company's aircraft industry penetrated the smartphone market by developing a smart phone that is designed to handle the super- secret communication .
In the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona , as quoted by the BBC , Saturday ( 03/01/2014 ) , the mobile phone named Blackphone was exhibited . Blackponsel have advantages , where if the phone was opened forcibly , then all data will be deleted automatically and will not be used .
Better known by plane , Boeing said it wanted to help many organizations to " have access to reliable over the data in order to achieve the goal , " explained the company is headquartered in Chicago , United Ameriksa it .
With the presence of a tool , named Black was added to the list of smart phones with high security to enter the market .
However Blackphone more likely to target a market businesses and consumers are concerned about the confidentiality of their data . Boeing already provides secure communications for U.S. government officials , including the president.
Black from Boeing is not intended for the mass market and the price or the date is not known exactly when it will be released . The fruit should phone 36 months to produce and involved a lot of mobile technology experts

816 Desire , Phablet " Friendly Bags " with Performance Gahar

816 Desire , Phablet " Friendly Bags " with Performance Gahar

BARCELONA - HTC continues to strengthen its product portfolio in line Desire . This time , the company issued a phablet are packed with quad - core processor and targeting the middle class .
On the sidelines of a celebration of technology Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) 2014 in Barcelona , Spain , the Taiwanese company officially announced the Desire phablet D816 . Similarly excerpted GSMArena , Tuesday ( 25/02/2014 ) .
For matters of appearance , Desire 816 One style is a bit adopt . Then , the product has dimensions of 156.6 x 78.7 x 7.99 mm and weighs 165 grams .
Carrying a 5.5 -inch screen resolution of 720 x 1,280 , which at first glance has a groove phablet like the iPhone is supported 5C 400 Snapdragon chipset with a quad - core processor 1.6 GHz , Adreno 305 graphics card and 1.5 GB of RAM .
Then , the product has an internal storage capacity of 8GB which can be expanded by using microSD features .
For matters of the camera , the HTC equip their products with 13 -megapixel main camera and a secondary camera of 5 megapixels.
Not to forget , the HTC Desire also complete 816 with connectivity features such as 3G and 4G support , Bluetooth 4.0 , and WiFi 802.11 b / g / n . Unfortunately there is no information of this phablet price .

Out of the Garage iCars Next Week


Geneva - iOS integrated with the car will soon be out of the garage next week . On the leading automotive exhibition Geneva Motor Show next week .
With these capabilities , the Apple operating system that will allow drivers to access the various functions of the iPhone through a screen in the car , which of course has been modified .
According to a source who did not wish to be named , luxury car brands such as Ferrari , Mercedes - Benz and Volvo will be leading terintergasi with the iCar .
iOS in the car is actually being introduced in the event the Worldwide Developers Conference last year . At that time, Apple's vice president Eddy Cue on stage to show it off .
He showed me a mock -up of LCD car with ordinary button on the Apple handset , such as maps , phone , music and texting . As reported from Cnet , Sunday ( 03/02/2014 ) .
Cue also said , the functions can be accessed via Siri as well , so that access to the platform control easier and more sophisticated .

Fine Mobile Mozilla Smartphone

Fine Mobile Mozilla

CALIFORNIA - One of the developers of browser software , Mozilla reportedly will provide low-cost smartphone OS with Firefox . The phone is sold at a price of 15 pounds, or nearly 300 thousands .
Reported by Techradar , this will be a set of sales in Asia that does not involve the operator . Apparently, this phone will not be like the average existing smartphones .
Firefox OS smartphone is said to have a smaller form , energy consumption and low screen resolution . Mozilla is trying to break as a pioneer who provide cheap smartphones .
In countries with price USD200 or USD300 smartphone that not everyone is interested in buying , Mozilla offers the appeal to provide modern tools they need at the lowest price of approximately U.S. $ 25 or 300 thousands .
The information circulated previously revealed , ZTE in collaboration with Mozilla Firefox OS to announce the latest handsets , ZTE C. Open Reportedly , this handset supported dual- core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 200 , 1.400mAh battery , 3 megapixel camera , 512 RAM , 4GB ROM